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【 SAT學員資料】
學校及科系:High Tech High School
SAT正式考試成績:Math:750分、Evidence-Based Reading and Writing:710分
正式考試總分:SAT 1460分
SAT正式考試日期: 2019 年12月7日

Over the summer of my sophomore year, I went to MERICA prep school to take classes to prepare myself for the SAT. At Merica prep school, I attended a six-week course consisting of English and math classes as well as mock exams every week. Currently, the high school I go to is a vocational high school in New Jersey called High Tech High School. The reason why I decided to take the SAT was that I needed the scores for my application process to college. I also decided to choose the SAT over the ACT because the ACT has a science section that I am not comfortable taking. The classes I took at Merica helped me overcome my struggles and become more comfortable with the SAT.
在大二的暑假期間,我去美加上課為SAT考試做準備。我報名的是每周一次為期六週的課程,包括英語和數學課程以及模擬考試。目前,我要去的高中是新澤西州的一所職業高中,稱為High Tech High School。我決定參加SAT的原因,一是因為這是申請美國大學的分數之一,二是因為ACT有一個我不太擅長的科目-科學。Merica美加的課程幫助我克服了我的弱項,並使我對SAT更加有信心。

Initially, when I took my first practice test, I got low scores for both the reading and grammar sections and noticed that I made many calculation errors in the math section due to lack of time. Many of my mistakes in the reading section were due to reading too slowly or misunderstanding the passage. In contrast, my mistakes in the grammar section were due to my lack of knowledge of the grammar rules. I answered most of the questions based on what sounded correct instead of following the specific rules. By taking Merica classes, I was able to manage and correct my problems, allowing me to raise my score significantly.

Specifically, Merica helped increase my reading speed and taught me strategies for answering questions as well as telling me tricks that the SAT reading portion usually has. Their grammar classes also helped by emphasizing the importance of following the rules rather than answering based on what sounds right. Their reading classes helped me improve my reading speed by forcing us to read along with the teacher as he read aloud quickly. These classes also helped expand my vocabulary as we would go over many of the difficult words that I didn’t understand in class, allowing me to understand a passage more in-depth. In addition to how much they helped me improve on the English portions, Merica also taught me how to solve math questions faster, allowing me to have time to go over my answers.

However, the most significant part of the classes were the mock exams that we took every week. By taking mock exams, I was able to simulate how the actual test experience would feel like, allowing me to practice testing in a tense and quiet environment. This practice helped me during the actual SAT since I was already familiar with how the test environment was, and I was able to feel more comfortable during the test. In addition to helping me get comfortable with the testing environment, the mock exams also gave me opportunities to solve an array of different questions and helped me understand concepts of exam questions that I previously did not know. I took the mock exams a total of 5 times, and I saw a drastic score increase in my English sections and a decrease in silly mistakes in my math section by the final week of class. Overall, Merica SAT prep classes helped me the most with time management, reviewing mathematical and grammar rules, and feeling comfortable in the testing environment.

Since I took Merica classes over the summer, I had to personally review for the SAT since I registered to test in December. Although I remembered what I had learned over the summer, I wanted to study and review during the weeks leading up to the test. Weeks before the test, I took five practice tests to practice my time management skills as well as to review all the concepts that the SAT tests. I also reviewed all of the math and grammar packets that were handed out by the Merica teachers. Ultimately, my hard work over the summer and during the last few weeks before the test paid off, and I was able to achieve a decent score on the SAT.

My personal experience with the SAT was a bit stressful at first, but with the help of the Merica classes, I was able to overcome my difficulties and put in hard work to achieve a good score. I would recommend starting SAT prep at the end of sophomore year or the very beginning of junior year to have the optimal time frame to prepare for testing as well as taking into account how many times you will take the test. I would recommend taking Merica prep classes because of how much they helped me improve in my weak areas and how skillful the teachers  are. However, the most crucial aspect of SAT prep that I am stressing is to take multiple practice tests to get accustomed to the topics as well as the time allotted to take each section.


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