SAT2310高分─陳家玉 sat補習班美加文教  


學校:Catlin Gabel School


第一次模考成績總分:SAT 1870

正式考試總分:SAT 2310




Before I attended Merica, I thought the SAT was an unconquerable exam. But after being subjected to weeks of tutorial and testing, the SAT seemed distinctly more feasible in its content and duration.

What were most helpful to me were the end-of-the-week practice exams. The practice exams helped me avoid that first time SAT "shock" that I think many students get—you take it for the first time, and you receive a startlingly low score, largely because you're unaccustomed to the format of the exam.

I took the practice SAT every week for five weeks, and observed a generally positive trend in my scores. When I returned to the US, I knew what to expect on the SAT. I practiced a bit in the weeks leading up to my exam (I took it in January), and I think that was what it took.

In hindsight, I don't think I did that well on my SAT; I'd really expected something higher in Mathematics. But in general statistics show that students with my score do worse the second time around, so if that really is the case, I am happy to settle.


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