學校及科系:Simon Fraser Univers
正式考試總分:GRE 316分

I chose Merica because of its reputation and flexibility. It’s got the most choices for class time and the structure of the class is well planned out. The teachers are all professional and passionate about their fields. I believe that Merica has the most resources that could help students accomplish their goals in taking standard exams. I chose Merica also because of the experience they’ve had with helping students. Merica has been helping students for almost fifty years; I believe that they would have the knowledge of students’ weakness and strength.

The teachers at Merica were all very knowledgeable and patient. Dr. Mo provides knowledge of the roots of each vocabulary and the deeper meaning behind the word. His stories helped me memorize the vocabulary with much more ease.

Mr. Huang is very humorous in his lessons. His lectures are filled with jokes that not only make the students laugh but also reinforce students recollection of new vocabulary. He also has his own organized lists of past exams questions both on paper and in digital format. Nothing beats learning from the actual test questions. The textbook that Mr. Huang hands out is also very helpful. Because the vocabularies are taken right out of the exams, some of them are more advanced and I believe, are great challenges to students who look for study materials beyond the fundamentals.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Jiang who taught us how to approach verbal and quantitative section. Mr. Jiang is very smart. He knows the content and structure of the test very well. His lectures are never boring and are always full of new valuable knowledge for students. He is very experienced and he highlights the important parts in the text that the student should spend more time reviewing. He also shares interesting stories of him studying abroad during class which I believe acts as a great inspiration to students who are preparing to study abroad.

The mock exams are very helpful as it is exactly the same as the actual test although some of the questions on the mock exams are available for free on the GRE official website. Nonetheless, mock exams were necessary for me in preparation for GRE because it helped me mentally prepare for what was going to come.

Besides getting myself being more familiar with the method of testing, I did not spend a lot of time memorizing. I realized that although memorization is an important part of getting a higher score, getting used to the logic behind the test is more important. The questions in verbal reasoning sections are repetitive in the sense that the writers of exam hope to assess the ability of a student’s processing and analyzing information accurately and quickly. Memorizing can only go so far since the vocabulary database for GRE is quite substantial.

With the background of studying overseas for more than ten years, coming to Merica was a way for me to know the structure of the test more quickly and efficiently.

The speed of going through each section is also important. At first I thought it would be no problem for me to go through the test without running out of time; however, as I went through more advanced questions which were closer to the real questions on the test, I started to run out of time. Really being able to focus on the test material and going through it as fast as possible without influencing your judgment is one of the keys to scoring high marks for GRE.

My advice is to set a realistic goal. I believe that GRE score cannot be drastically improved in a short period of time; therefore, it is important to set a goal that is achievable.

Do not rely too heavily on the official guide as I found the questions on it were generally easier than the real questions on the tests.

Spend as much time as possible on looking over the writing question pool as this will help you save time for the actual writing during the test. This time when I took the test I did not prepare for the writing section. The second time when I took the test my writing score was improved to 4.5 after some practicing, so practicing is REALLY important.Practice, practice, practice.

Figure out the best condition of yourself that will give you the highest score. Follow through each practice test. Do not do the sections separately. I think GRE also tests on your ability to focus after a long period of time. Being able to make the same logical judgment even after all the writing, quantitative, and verbal sections is the key to success in taking the GRE. Good luck!


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